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In 2001 when I finally got my domain name back on the net I was very happy and I wanted to be a blogger. The lazy me never started. was actually taken by some lady in Delhi for her husband just a few days before I wanted it. This was back in 1999. So I waited for one full year to see if they are planning on doing anything and when they did nothing I grabbed the opportunity and took the domain the moment it was available. For about a year the site had just a picture of me and my wife in which I look slimmer than I actually am (thanks to gimp ;-) ). Last year I installed postnuke on my site and uploaded a lot of pictures

And today I decided to start with my dream of blogging. So I set out to
find out how to start as a blogger.  google
as usual gave me many good links. Considering that there are over
4,00,000 bloggers on the net , one really feels that it is does not
make sense to become a blogger. I feel otherwise. This is my domain
where I can express my views on life, Bush or even Sojish’s new

The first blog would be all about… well Blogging itself. The idea is to
inspire others to become bloggers as well. 

First let’s start with the definition –
blog is defined as a Website with dated entries, usually by a single
author, often accompanied by links to other blogs that the site’s
editor visits on a regular basis. Think of a blog as one person’s
public diary or suggestion list. Early blogs were started by Web
enthusiasts who would post links to cool stuff that they found on the
Internet. They added commentary. They began posting daily. They read
one another’s blogs. A community culture took hold.” (Jay

Blogging is all about expressing your views to the world. Readers can
post their comments. We really can’t express our views after we read
the news paper or a magazine. But here we can. This makes it all the
more interesting. Bloggers do not have an editor to make the content
reader centric. Rather you write for yourself…..

Here are some good blogs I read before I started I writing this one.
art of blogging – George Siemens

– Read both the parts. Part 1 talk about the definition , uses
benefits. There is one part where blogging is considered as a disruptive
Clayton Christensen has written this wonderful book on
disruptive innovation. It is called the Innovator’s Dilemma. And the
part two is called the Innovators Solution. I loved both the books and
recommend it as a study book to anybody. I do however, differ in some
points there. I feel more than being disruptive, every problem has a
life cycle and towards the end of that cycle, the product is replaced
by a new one. Whichever way you look at it, the bottom line is that
everything changes in life and change is the only constant…. 

From there I went on to read How to Write a
better Web log.
Here Dennis has given some good tips on blogging.
And then I read Mike Murry’s how to blog.
The most interesting part of this blog was the types of blogs. There
are two types of blogs –

  • Information blog – It’s purpose is to point to stories,
    etc.. When I was reading this I thought my blog should be an
    information blog. I was thinking Linux , Management, hosting, control
  • Personal blog – with this blog the writer allows you to
    inside their private
    little world, by sharing their thoughts, ideas, views, and every day
    events. there is usually no specific topic discussed. just the things
    that happen to and around the author. The moment I read this, I knew
    mine would be a personal blog. There are so many things in my life that
    take place an I want to store to. I am sure when I am 60 I’ll love
    reading the way I thought when I was 28… :)

Here’s what I finally came up with.

  • I’ll always make it easy for the reader to understand what
    I write
    (KISS – Keep it simple stupid)
  • I’ll express with as much detail as I can.
  • I’ll discuss things that takes place around. Mostly my
    would be Management, Linux, the hosting industry etc.. However, I would
    also write about my all the other things that take place in my life.

Most of the how to blog blogs said that the best way to start is by
blogging yourself….. I am doing just that… :)

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