True Knowledge

Mullah Nasruddin’s  (also known as Nasruddin Hoja) stories are famous all over the world. Nobody knows the real history of this person. Some say he was an Afghan, other claim his origins to Turkey and yet others say he was from Iran….. Given below are a few stories taken from various sources around the world.  They are fun and interesting and if we think deeply, some of  them have a philosophical meaning. None of these are my original stories and I have made no such claims either. These are just collected in one place for you to enjoy and understand this great folk character….

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Web Hosting control panels compared – Part 2

In WebHosting control panels compared – Part 1, we checked out the Licensing, user friendliness, multi language support, Security and Platform support for various control panels. The juice of a control panel though, always lies in the features it supports, especially the ones that your customers are going to see and use. In this Part 2, we do a one to one comparison of various features in cPanel, Hsphere,Plesk and Ensim.

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Web Hosting control panels compared – Part 1

Over the last 6 years, control panel software has grown to become a sophisticated piece of code which WebHosting providers use to manage servers and help Website owners manage their accounts.

This article series attempts to compare the Four most popular Commercial Control Panels – Hsphere , cPanel , Ensim and Plesk . We’ve compared them based on factors like Licensing, user friendliness, reliability and features. Hopefully this will help new and seasoned WebHosting providers to make the right choice.

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Package Management in FreeBSD

When Bankei was preaching at Ryumon temple, a Shinshu priest, who believed in salvation through the repitition of the name of the Buddha of Love, was jealous of his large audience and wanted to debate with him.
Bankei was in the midst of a talk when the priest appeared, but the fellow made such a disturbance that bankei stopped his discourse and asked about the noise.

“The founder of our sect,” boasted the priest, “had such miraculous powers that he held a brush in his hand on one bank of the river, his attendant held up a paper on the other bank, and the teacher wrote the holy name of Amida through the air. Can you do such a wonderful thing?”

Bankei replied lightly: “Perhaps your fox can perform that trick, but that is not the manner of Zen. My miracle is that when I feel hungry I eat, and when I feel thirsty I drink.”

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