Server Load – The Basics

Load, in computing, is a measure of the amount of processing a computer system is currently performing, usually in the form of a scalar and as some variation on a percentage. – Wikipedia definition. In a *nix variant, Server load can be calculated by the uptime or the w command.

Understanding SOA records

I’ve learned that there is nothing more peaceful than a sleeping child. – Anonymous, Age 30 To an Internet Administrator, there is nothing more peaceful than a stable and optimized DNS server. The moment there is a wrong configuration,the server wakes up and starts crying, sites and email goes down. An important part of keeping […]

Understanding MX records

MX stands for Mail Exchange Records. MX records are used in DNS records(or Zone files) to specify how email should be routed. Lets take an example of say This is how a typical DNS record(for looks like.

Get the facts straight

Here are some more Mulla Nasruddin Stories. None of these are my original stories and I have made no such claims either. These are just collected in one place for you to enjoy and understand this great folk character…

Niche Market for WebHosts – Podcasting

I’ve learned that in every face to face encounter, regardless of how brief, we leave something behind – Anonymous, Age 45 And the perfect way to for you to have a face to face encounter and connect with your Website Visitor is through Podcasts. Podcasts allow your visitors to hear your articles and see your […]