You see? He lives in you.

I still remember the first time I installed KDE

. It was way back in 1998. KDE 1.0 was not yet released. It was a day before our presentation of our main project in College. Our main project was called JC++. JC++ a platform independent C++. The concept was that of JAVA but the programmer wrote code in C++. There was a compiler which compiled the C++ code for a VM. Then the interpreter would interpret the byte-code. We were a 4 member team. The project was a tough one and we really could not finish it the way we wanted it to be. However, it was a great experience on its own. I had all my project partners at my place for about a month before the project was completed. Sangeetha was the only one who used to come from her home everyday. She was also the only one who was really serious about getting the code to work. The thing I like about her the most is her desire to never give up. By the end the other 3 including me had given up. But Sangeetha was as confident as ever that we’ll finish.

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Retaining the personal touch with mentoring

On 3rd November 1999, Poornam was officially born. We had 7 directors. By June 2000 the director count was unofficially reduced to 3. That left me and Sangeetha working together day and night for over a year. The best thing was we never had any real work. We were just looking for new work. But we were always busy. And by god’s grace, we were always happy. We have been blessed with the best parents who supported us. So here we were, a happy family…. “The Poornam  Family

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Travelogue – Road Trip from Cochin to Bombay (Part II)

The reason why we took this trip was because my sister and brother-in-law were coming back from Germany. Their kid, tuckie, had come to our place for a short break and we were to drop him back. Actually, my father was to fly down and drop him there. But then both my mom and dad would have gotten a week lesser with their grandchild so they agreed for the road trip. I was a bit against it in the beginning because it would have been expensive. Also, my father wanted to take a driver along which would have made the entire trip a real boring affair. But finally the stubborn me won. And we went without a driver. When I think about it now. I feel this was one of the best trips of my life. I’d never want to miss it for anything in this world.

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Travelogue – Road Trip from Cochin to Bombay (Part I)

Whenever my father does anything, it has to start at 5:00 in the morning. And so it was 5:00 a.m. in the morning that we got out our home. We were to reach Bombay on the 3rd day. The entire National Highway 17 would be covered in this time.
Day 1 – Cochin to Magalore , 420 Kms
Day 2 – Mangalore to Panaji , 410 Kms
Day 3 – Panaji to Mumbai  , 537 Kms
The total distance was about 1350 kms and we planned to cover 500 kms per day. We saw Kerala, Karnataka, Goa and Maharastra.

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Yet another blog site

In 2001 when I finally got my domain name back on the net I was very happy and I wanted to be a blogger. The lazy me never started. was actually taken by some lady in Delhi for her husband just a few days before I wanted it. This was back in 1999. So I waited for one full year to see if they are planning on doing anything and when they did nothing I grabbed the opportunity and took the domain the moment it was available. For about a year the site had just a picture of me and my wife in which I look slimmer than I actually am (thanks to gimp ;-) ). Last year I installed postnuke on my site and uploaded a lot of pictures

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