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Compiling a FreeBSD Kernel

Ever since my college days, I always loved to have my own compiled kernel. It gave me that special feeling of “my machine is better than yours”. I am sure each time my new kernel boots up the feeling I have is is the same as what Super Man has when he bashs up the […]

Package Management in FreeBSD

When Bankei was preaching at Ryumon temple, a Shinshu priest, who believed in salvation through the repitition of the name of the Buddha of Love, was jealous of his large audience and wanted to debate with him. Bankei was in the midst of a talk when the priest appeared, but the fellow made such a […]

Installing FreeBSD for Desktops

Throughout recorded time, and probably since the end of the Neolithic Age, there have been three kinds of people in the world, the High, the Middle, and the Low. They have been subdivided in many ways, they have borne countless different names, and their relative numbers, as well as their attitude toward one another, have […]

Linux Power Tools – Great Tools to make system administration easy

World War II – Germany decided to attack Poland. Poland had many great warriors. They all prepared to fight the Germans. They were all ready with the best armor, the best and well trained horses, and ofcourse the best weapons , swords , spears …. And the Pols were brave and were ready to give […]

Internet Sharing using a linux box

If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas. — George Bernard Shaw