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Implied Requirements

  There is a clever helicopter pilot whose job is to ferry VIP’s from the Seattle airport to downtown. One day he found himself with a passenger in a pea soup fog somewhere over downtown Seattle. No landmarks were visible and the passenger became panicky. The pilot said “Don’t worry” and very gradually let the […]

Speeds Kills, But Thrills

Besides wearing his underwear outside, SuperMan is also a good competitor of the most powerful man in the universe. The other competitors being Batman, Spiderman, He-Man, Phantom, Arnold Schwarzenegger and George Bush.  Everybody wants to have supernatural powers to push themselves a bit more that what ordinary men like you and me. The legendary researcher […]

The Wall of Fame

Sangeetha started this system called the wall of fame in Poornam. The Wall of Fame is a be a bi-monthly feature on the company’s internal Website, that provides companywide recognition by profiling individuals and teams that have been nominated by employees for their accomplishments. On 18th August 2001, we met 3 bright engineers who […]

Retaining the personal touch with mentoring

On 3rd November 1999, Poornam was officially born. We had 7 directors. By June 2000 the director count was unofficially reduced to 3. That left me and Sangeetha working together day and night for over a year. The best thing was we never had any real work. We were just looking for new work. But […]

Just another day for you and me in paradise

Delhi can be really cold in Winters. It can be as low as 4°C in December and January. I remember as a child coming back from a party in January on one such night. Our car stopped at the traffic lights and many beggars came running to get something. We all just continued with our […]