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Zen Koans, Mulla Nassrudin

The destruction of suffering

The Buddha continued to meditate on the chain of causation.

The origin of suffering

The Buddha attained enlightenment sitting under a tree. He meditated on the chain of causation.

Get the facts straight

Here are some more Mulla Nasruddin Stories. None of these are my original stories and I have made no such claims either. These are just collected in one place for you to enjoy and understand this great folk character…

True Knowledge

Mullah Nasruddin’s  (also known as Nasruddin Hoja) stories are famous all over the world. Nobody knows the real history of this person. Some say he was an Afghan, other claim his origins to Turkey and yet others say he was from Iran….. Given below are a few stories taken from various sources around the world.  […]

Has the dog Buddha nature or not?

The Emperor asked Master Gudo, “What happens to a man of enlightenment after death?” “How should I know?” replied Gudo. “Because you are a master,” answered the Emperor. “Yes sir,” said Gudo, “but not a dead one.”