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Should Salaries and Incentives be linked with Performance

When the spiritual teacher and his disciples began their evening meditation, the cat who lived in the monastery made such noise that it distracted them. So the teacher ordered that the cat be tied up during the evening practice.
Years later, when the teacher died, the cat continued to be tied up during the meditation session. And when the cat eventually died, another cat was brought to the monastery and tied up. Centuries later, learned descendants of the spiritual teacher wrote scholarly treatises about the religious significance of tying up a cat for meditation practice.

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What motivates a person to work ?

“Amar, if we implement this new performance evaluation system, all the kids would be demotivated and frustrated. It has a negative effect on morale!!!”….
Now this is something I have heard so many time in my life. And maybe I get very frustrated just hearing the word “frustrated” :-D

The first question to be answered here is what motivates a person to work ?

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“So I am going to eat you!”, the tiger exclaimed.

Sojish and me have a secret deal – I write about him and the great things he does and he reciprocates. That is why you’ll see his site having a lot of references of his boss and my site having his references… Now sometimes this goes beyond just the two of us, as it happened today when thanks to Sojish I was made to talk in Rajagiri College of Social Sciences. They are conducting a two day seminar on Network Security, called NetSec 05. Frankly speaking I love speaking tech or management stuff, however a felicitation is not my cup of tea.

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