Phoenix, 26th Sep

Just before leaving for the US, Sojish and me made a promise to each other. We’ll start writing on our site
again. This way we can say great things about us and feel good :-)

Sojish was a always a wonderful writer. One who can inspire anybody to
write. Many of my blogger friends including Sangeetha, Lijoe,
Nasra, Susy and even the legendary Shiv have stopped writing. I
believe we must all collectively blame Sojish for our inactivity. :-D

Here’s my part of the promise. I have updated my site. The new and
improved comes with a host of new features. Though the
changes may seem subtle to many, for me it is a great way to understand
the changes in the CMS world.

I migrated my site from Joomla to
WordPress. WordPress seems to be the
choice for bloggers today and for good reason. It has one of the
easiest install processes, can be updated easily and has many wonderful
plugins and themes. It is also fairly light and easy to use. The best
part is the support for wordpress is incredible. My N900 has an app
through which I can write and manage my site on the go. WordPress also
has similar apps for android and iphone/ipad. Pixelpipe also supports
wordpress. What more can one ask for.

The next major change I have made is the shift from gallery2 to Nextgen. Gallery2
is definatley better than nextgen but does not integrate with wordpress
as well. That is the only reason for the change. Also, the cooliris plugin for Nextgen makes
viewing pictures fun.

And finally, the site is more socially aware. Disqus is the new commenting system. You
can use your twitter, facebook, openid or yahoo id to post comments.

In the coming weeks I’ll write more on these subjects.

Happy reading.