I have always been my Mamma’s boy. And I am proud about it too.. After all not many have a mamma as sweet as what I had. The only complain I have about her is that she left me when I was 26. They say that time heals everything but for me each day without her has been just as painful.
If my ma was with me she would have been 61 this 7th July. She was one person who always remembered birthdays and kept the family together. My relation with my mother is better shown in pictures than in words.

  This is me and my mother in 1976. She has always been the caring mother and thanks to her I was a pampered kid.

Times never really changed. If you look at how we were in 1998 you’ll realize that Mothers never change… :)

Most good mothers are expected to be good cooks , they are expected to stitch clothes and keep the room clean. My mother never did it. Well she could afford a cook for us always…. So what we got from our Mom was always great quality time.

My mother was a very quite person. Not something one would expect from a successful lawyer in the Supreme court. She was the daughter of a successful lawyer Cochin. So law was something that was in the family. My sister to went on to do law but somehow decided not to pursue it as a career.
My mother was the first lady Advocate in the Supreme Court bar from the Kerala High Court. She was the standing council for the Government of India and Kerala for sometime in the 1980’s. Besides practicing law she even contributed back to the Lawyer community by writing a  book “Words and Phrases as interpreted by the Supreme court of India”.

My mother  played the Violin very  well and was a  very good singer. When were  very small we used to be alone with Ma most of the times and my father used to be posted to all the border areas like Jummu. I would have been about 4 years old any my eldest sister was about 9 then… After dinner, she’ll sing us songs till we sleep… I still miss those songs.

Besides all this talent, she was also a  good dancer when she was a kid and  she even made beautiful paintings. I used to hang one in my office room and I have kept that one for the new office room when I shift. In short she was a wonderful artist. Somehow I never got that talent. I can’t sing, paint or play any instrument. So here I am trying to copy atleast something what my mom could do… Write. I too hope to write a book some day

In between all this she always had time for her kids. For her, children were always the first priority. The best thing I liked about my mother was that she was a great listener and she could always make me happy. She always encouraged me in everything I did. Infact when we started Poornam I remember everybody told us not to do so as it is going to be tough. But my mom was the only one who had faith in us and said that don’t worry it’ll become big some day.

From my childhood I remember her giving top priority to us. I remember going with her to my toy shop to buy toys every month. Even if she was short of cash I had my toys. I remember her coming to school to pick me up so that I do not have to walk home. There are so many wonderful moments I have had with my mother which I’ll cherish for the my entire life.

I do have a lot of guilt though,  that I could not spend time with my mom as much as I would have wanted to. If there is one thing about my past I want to change, it is this one thing. I wanted to spend a lot more time for my mom. I wanted to do a lot more things for my mom. Now I never can. I was always busy with urgent non important things. We all give more priority to friends , work etc.. Not that it is bad, but I always feel that we must always take some time out for our parents and loved one. This does not mean that we do not work or work hard. It just means that we work smart.

My mom left me on 18th Dec. 2002. She was on my lap she had her last breath.  I learnt that day that time can never be managed or changed. It is us who have to change. We have to take time out for our loved ones. There is nothing as important as love in this world….