The reason why we took this trip was because my sister and brother-in-law were coming back from Germany. Their kid, tuckie, had come to our place for a short break and we were to drop him back. Actually, my father was to fly down and drop him there. But then both my mom and dad would have gotten a week lesser with their grandchild so they agreed for the road trip. I was a bit against it in the beginning because it would have been expensive. Also, my father wanted to take a driver along which would have made the entire trip a real boring affair. But finally the stubborn me won. And we went without a driver. When I think about it now. I feel this was one of the best trips of my life. I’d never want to miss it for anything in this world.



I have my sisters mail with the instruction set even now. It is would be good for anybody traveling with a small baby.

1. milk cup
2. flask with hot water and spoons, katori to cool the milk, milk powder,
sugar(if u buy milk on way)
3. lots of biscuits, esp. parle g , krackjack, chaska maska. he eats 8 at a
4. few packets of peppy- the wheel shaped ones- he is crazy about them.
5. toilet paper and fresh ones baby wipes, huggies, plastic covers, huggies
his size must be for 10 or 12 kg baby now.
6. take a lot of napkins or old cloth, as in the car he vomits a lot of
times!!(ur poor car seat covers) keep some big pepsi bottles filled with
water- separate for drinking and for cleaning.
7. some clothes for him as he might vomit and need a few changes.
8. do not start car immediately after hias milk. sit for a little time if
9. keep a story book with pictures for him, and one toy for the way also.
10. keep some small satchets of ariel for the way as if he vomits u will
have to wash in hotel at night.
11. keep glucon c for u.
12. nights may be cold, so if needed keep something warm for everyone, at
least shawls.

She also had an instruction book with how-to handle the baby. Anyway, let’s back to the trip.

Day Four – 25th Oct. 2002.  Mumbai
Mumbai is one of the biggest cities in India. It has some real nice places too.

We were staying with a relative of ours, Sonal Didi, in Dahisar. She was kind enough to give us her driver for the day and we went out for a trip to see the city. Having lived all my childhood in Delhi, I never liked Bombay. People are always busy traveling. They spend most of their lives in trains and moving from one place to another. This constant travel never made sense to me. I always feel Bombay is to India what New York is to the US. However, the city turned out be a nice place and we were totally exhausted by evening. 

At night we went to pick up my sister from the Airport and back.

Day Five – 26th Oct. 2002. Dahanu
At about 5:00 in the morning we started. The distance between Dahanu and Mumbai is about 120 kms. The highway is wonderful and we were to reach there in 2.5 hours. However, there was an accident of the road as of result of which the road was block. Paritosh, my brother-in-law, suggested we take a short cut. The road was really terrible but the view outside was wonderful. And when you have a vehicle like the bolero you really do not need roads to drive. The bolero also enjoyed the drive, after all he was made for such trips. One must say that Mahindra has done a real good job with the Bolero and I would highly recommend this vehicle to anybody. I have done over 70,000 kms in one year and have not faced any problems, except for some minor problems with the power windows. Since the A/C is always on the window is not used always so it is not a big deal anyway.

Dahanu is a small town. It has some real nice places to see which includes the beach, Tookie’s school, Mohan Uncle and Aunty’s Cheeko farm and their clinic.  In short it was a nice time with the family.

We also got a free eye check-up.

Tookie’s school.

Day Seven – 28th Oct.2002. Dahanu to Ganapatipule

So here we were back on the road.

My mom and dad were quite upset because they were leaving their grandchild back home. We talked about Tookie all the time.
When going to Bombay it was fun and every 10 minutes Tookie comes to Mami and then goes back to Appu and Ammu. Mami even had this song “Mama ke pas, Mami ke pas” and then “Appu ke pas , Ammu ke pas”. That is about best in Hindi/Gujarati Mami knows.

On the way we stopped at one of the typical hotels you see on the highways of Maharastra.
This is where Cookie met the monkey.

Lunch was at the Taj in Chiplun.
Sonal Didi had told us not to go back to Ratnagiri. Instead we went to Ganapatipule. Now this is one place which is close to paradise on earth. It is the best beach I have seen in my life. Clean and not many people.

Day Eight – 29th Oct. 2002. Ganapatipule to Udupi

Typical Village in Maharastra.

Day Nine – 30th Oct. 2002. Udupi to Cochin

All good things have to end. And so this trip of ours too had to end.
The last day was long and we were all really tired after the trip.

I would always recommend everybody to have such trips with the family. These are times when we all talk and see places together. I lost my mom 2 months after this trip. That is the worst thing that has ever happened in my life. They say time heals everything, but I miss my Ma just as much even today. And I think it would be the same always. When I think of it now, I always was my mama’s boy. And I liked it too. I just cannot live happily without my family close to me.

Our work had kept us so busy that I could hardly spend any quality time with my parents and this trip really helped. No internet ,no email just parents , wife and a lot of fun… :-)