In the first part we learnt how to install Postnuke in the barebones state. We’ll now install some cool modules and have a fully functional site.
The site would have a CMS for articles, news, dynamic menus , a forum for user interaction and  a gallery for pictures and videos. Postnuke has some good features such as multiple theme support, user level control and management, multilanguage support, polls,  weblinks , faq, downloads etc. There are many other good modules also available. One can search for these on the postnuke site in places like As mentioned in Part I of this article, we’ll be installing content express, gallery and pnphpbb2.


Content Express
Our first  step is to download the content express module and copy it to the postnuke home.

$cd /home/user/public_html/postnuke/
$cp modules/ContentExpress/pnsearch/contexp.php includes/search/

Append content of modules/ContentExpress/pnlang/eng/contexp.php to language/eng/global.php. Now take the URL in your browser and click on the modules icon. Here there are two links List and Regenerate. Click on Regenerate. This would regenerate all the modules and list them as shown in the screenshot below. Search for the Content Express and click on Initialize  links. Once the module is initialized click on the Activate link. This would activate the module. would now have the extra icon for Content Express.

Content Express has the following main links – Manage Menus, Manage Page Contents, Manage Media, Manage Categories. Click on the Manage Page Contents. This would allow us to create new pages. When using IE we can even make the editor work in WYSIWYG mode. Content Express has support for unlimited number of pages. If you have many categories and sub-categories it would be a good idea to create the categories first and then start creating the pages.  Also click on Page Configuration and  uncheck all the check boxes.

Now click on the Manage Menu link. This would allow us to create dynamic menus. Given below is an example of a small menu with the test page.

Take and click on the Blocks icon. Deactivate all the block there. Add a new  New block.

This should be enough for a start. We now have a CMS with a dynamic menu generation system in place.
There are many good image gallery programs available on the net. Gallery is one of the most popular projects on software. It is very feature rich and stable. Photo management includes automatic thumbnail creation, image resizing, rotation, ordering, captioning, searching and more. Albums can have read, write and caption permissions per individual authenticated user for an additional level of privacy.  Installing Gallery is a bit more complicated than the regular post nuke modules. But it is worth the effort. First download the program and copy it to the postnuke modules directory.

$ cp /home/user/public_html/postnuke/modules/
$ unzip
$cd gallery
$touch config.php
$ touch .htaccess
$ chmod 777 config.php
$ chmod 777 .htaccess
$ mkdir /home/user/public_html/albums
$ chmod 777

Now take your browser and point it to and click on the link Configuration Wizard.

In the General Setting you’ll need to enter a password. In the Locations and URLs you’ll need to enter a Temporary directory such as /tmp . For everything else we can use defaults settings as of now. The look and feel can be changed here if you like. Finally, save the configuration. Now go back to and select Modules. Click on regenerate. Search for gallery and initialize it and then activate it.
Now take Content Express and Add a menu item Gallery with the custom URL . Click on the Gallery Menu item and select the [new album]  link. Now we have an easy method to manage our pictures.

No site is complete without a community and forums are the best way to promote a community driven site. phpBB is a wonderful forum. It has all the features of any commercial forum. They also have this postnuke hack which makes it ideal for our needs as it integrates well with our entire site. Installing phpBB is very simple. Download PNphpBB2_12f.tar.gz from the PNphpBB2 site.

$cp PNphpBB2_12f.tar.gz /home/user/public_html/modules/
$gzip -dc PNphpBB2_12f.tar.gz | tar -xvf-

This would create a PNphpBB2 in the modules directory.
Now take and select the Modules section. Initialize the PNphpBB2 module.

Click on Finish Install and the forum is installed. Delete the subdirectory install from the PNphpBB2 directory.

$rm -rf /home/user/public_html/modules/PNphpBB2/install

Add a new menu item with Content Express as Forum and select the Custom URL as [PNphpBB2]
The Forum is now installed.

Now all one needs to do is add content. PostNuke can make the life on any webmaster really easy. It is one of the most practical CMS systems available and has all the features needed to make a wonderful site. Many modules are available on the postnuke site. I recommend that you go through those and install the ones that may be useful to you.
Over the past few years Postnuke has built a strong community of developers and designers who keep updating the product. We must all thank all the guys who are involved in the development of postnuke and it modules. They are doing a great job. Also, if possible we must donate to the postnuke community as well.