There is a clever helicopter pilot whose job is to ferry VIP’s from the Seattle airport to downtown. One day he found himself with a passenger in a pea soup fog somewhere over downtown Seattle. No landmarks were visible and the passenger became panicky.

The pilot said “Don’t worry” and very gradually let the helicopter down until it was hovering opposite the window of a large, unidentifiable building. The pilot motioned to a woman working in the building to open her window and asked her “Where are we?” The woman responded “You are in a helicopter.”




The pilot immediately lifted the helicopter above the building tops, flew a mile and a half, let it down through the fog, and hit the landing pad dead centre. The amazed and relieved passenger said “How on earth did you do that?” The pilot said: “It was simple. The information the woman gave me was perfectly accurate and utterly useless. I knew that she had to be working at the Microsoft Customer Support Centre.”

Phoenix – 28th November 2005 : Kishore sends a mail to George saying “Please send a driver and my cell phone. I’ll be reaching Cochin on the 30th by 10:30 p.m.”

Cochin International Airport – 30th November 2005, 10:30 p.m. : Joshy (driver) is waiting with Kishore’s Cell Phone. Meanwhile, Kishore is on his way from the US with some friend of his. His friend asks him how he would go home for which Kishore promptly says “I have asked for our driver to come to the airport to pick me up”…

Kishore comes out of the airport and tells Joshy to get the car..
Joshy says “Sir, I was told to come with the mobile… The car was not mentioned at all…”

Hearing this Kishore goes wild. Kishore friend even offers Kishore a lift back home.

Joshy says that “Chakky just dropped me.. He immediately calls up Chakky and before he knows 7 cars go in a line and park in front of the arrival gate….

All the cars are playing the same song “Yeh do Desh hai Tera” from the movie “Swades” …

18 Poornamites dressed in Blue shirts,  rush out from these cars and start shouting “Balo Kishore is Jai… ” He is garlanded. And a lot of pictures are taken. Flashes from the cameras light up the entire area.

The crowd stops whatever they were doing and rushes to see who this person is who has come. In no time a mob is trying to rush up to get a glimpse of Kishore. Kishore gets a bit embarrassed and start running. This makes it even easier for the crowd to get a glimpse of Kishore as they see one guy with a garland running here and there… 

Cochin International Airport – 30th November 2005, 10:35 p.m. : We all get into our cars and drive off before the security people catch us…

The mission is a major success… :-D

Kishore is surprised. I am sure Kishore would never ever tell us again to pick from the airport. I was a bit hesitant to be part of this entire mission in the beginning… but when I saw the interest of all the Poornamites, I knew they were genuinely waiting for Kishore to come back to India and there was no better way to say “Welcome Home”

After many years when we look back… these would be the memories that we’ll cherish in our old age…

Why did I drag Microsoft in this story…. Microsoft has a Bobby… While we at Poornam have Tobby (read as Tobby Pulie), the mastermind behind this entire operation…. ;-)