Welcome to the hotel abhirami
Such a lovely place
Such a lovely face
Plenty of room at the hotel abhirami
Any time of year, you can find it here


 I went for lunch with my wife today to Hotel Abhirami and within seconds of entering the restaurant we realized why we love it so much…
The moment we entered, one of the waiters who has served us for over 3 years there, greeted us with a genuine warm smile and took us to one of the best tables in the restaurant… He then suggested what we should eat….Paper butter roast for me and butter roast for my wife. Now that is customer satisfaction. Management gurus love to teach the term “know your customer” as the basics in customer service which this waiter demonstrated to perfection.

Also, he was aware that my wife likes her tea before the food is served.. So, he asked her if she would like her tea before or after the dosa. She said “before the dosa”.  So the next thing he does is gets the tea for my wife before he get’s us our dosas i.e. he took down the customer requirements...

He then comes in with two extremely tempting dosas and starts a small talk with us. He asked us if we go to the older Abhirami in Palarivatton where he orignially used to work. We said yes and he just smiled and went. Within minutes he was back and asked if we wanted more sambar or chuttny….. i.e. he took care of the implied requirements of the customer.  That’s very good.

He then went on to suggest that the juice is very good and asked if we would like to have pomegrenade juice. That is letting the customer know the services and products of the company. He was right, the juice was indeed very nice.

And finally before we were about to finish he came back and asked us if we liked the food or not…. perfect customer feedback.

This waiter had done all what big multinationals wish they could do. Even the ISO guys can learn from it. Another interesting fact that one may notice here is that he has been working in the same place and position for over 3 years…. yet his enthusiam has just increased with time. And does he own the restaurant… NO… he just get’s his daily bread and butter (or maybe dosas) from there…. He does surely have a sense of belonging and pride in the place where he works.  His spirit and enthusiasm is what makes me fall in love with my country again and again….

And finally, here’s the best part…. our total bill… $1.7 (Rs. 60) which included a Rs 5 tip….

Welcome to the hotel Abhirami
Such a lovely place
Such a lovely face
They livin’ it up at the hotel Abhirami
What a nice surprise, bring your alibis