Daily Archives: August 22, 2008

Understanding htaccess

.htaccess (Hypertext Access) is the default name of Apache’s directory-level configuration file. It allows webmasters to customize configuration directives, normally available in the main httpd.conf. htaccess allows webmasters to do a range of customization to a webservers behaviour in a directory, including password protecting them, denying access, error handlers, redirects and a lot more. htaccess […]

Outsourcing Web Hosting support – Questions to ask your provider

While Technical support has traditionally been considered an inhouse forte, Web Hosting companies are now trying a combination of InHouse and remote teams. Round the clock support and better expertise at lower costs are driving Web Hosts to consider outsourcing at least part of their support. What does a Web Host need to consider when […]

Customer Mania!

-Ken Blanchard, Jim Ballard and Fred Finch Ken Blanchard has written this beautiful book,Customer Mania!, where he gives the secret of building a Customer-Focused Company. He has used Yum Brands, Inc. as a case study. Yum! owns some of the best known restaurant brands in the world – KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John […]

Uptime Monitoring for Web Hosts

  Many hosts advertise 99.99% uptime or anything above 99.9%. Is 99.9% any different from 99.99%. Does it make a difference to anyone. The difference is only 0.09%, for crying out loud!! Well, there is a difference

Server Load – The Basics

Load, in computing, is a measure of the amount of processing a computer system is currently performing, usually in the form of a scalar and as some variation on a percentage. – Wikipedia definition. In a *nix variant, Server load can be calculated by the uptime or the w command.